“Stand By Me” Cover of Ben E. King

Why I Chose the Song-
The song such a classic- most artists have done this song but I liked it so much that I had to put my spin on it.  It was important for my remake to stay true in style to the original.
How I Approached It Musically-
Simplicity was key.  The bass line is so powerful by itself that I didn’t want to overpower it- only emphasize it.  I kept in mind some of the best advice I have ever received as a songwriter- don’t say in 10 notes what you can say in 3.
So, I chose an acoustic guitar part to add continuity and rhythmic direction to the song.  Then, in the chorus I used the trumpet section to emphasize the off beats which are very important in the song.  I also added a call and response vocal section to the chorus section.   Then in the Second Verse, I added a cymbal part missing from the first verse to keep the song building to the climax.  I added a melodic Strings part to the last chorus to give the climax of the song a powerful ending.
How I Decided On Video Concept-
I chose to do simplistic video since the song is so powerful, and to stay true to the style of music video of the time period.  The song carries itself- no need for an over-cluttered video.  So, I decided to use a Temptations style snapping.  I thought it was a good tribute to the style of Motown music videos of the 1960’s.
How I Executed the Video Concept-
I filmed the video from one angle in three different positions.  It was tricky, since I could not overlap any of my shots or else that would give me trouble when editing.  After I finished the three shots, I used Final Cut Pro to crop the videos and layer them on top of each other to look as if there were three of me in one video.  After that, it was time for color correction, where I blended the colors in each video to make it to make the combined video consistent.  Then, I added audio and my still images and it was upload time! 


About andrewsky

Indie rock with catchy melodies and powerful hip-hop beats create a unique sound; an eardrum-popping opiate for your ears. Welcome to Andrew Sky Music. www.Youtube.com/AndrewSkyMusic
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